Punta de Mita

Situated at the north suggestion of the Bahia de Banderas, 26 kilometers coming from Puerto Vallarta on the Punta Mita Freeway, this once-remote beachside angling town is actually currently the home of the 4 Periods Punta de Mita Hotel. The coastline on its own is actually relatively rough however provides gorgeous sights of the Pacific Sea as well as the Sierra Madre Hills that framework the gulf. Sporting activities, trips as well as facilities of all of kinds are actually offered. The location is actually referred to as a fantastic browsing coastline as well as snorkeling is actually outstanding along the islands simply off coast. A brief stroll along the coastline carries site guests towards separated extends of beautiful shoreline.

El Anclote

“Support Coastline” goes to Kilometres 21 on freeway 200 north of PV. This broad coastline is actually understood for its own moderate browse. Angling watercrafts are actually secured at the much straight of El Anclote as well as watercraft leasings are actually offered for trips towards the Marieta Islands towards check out, snorkel, diving dive or even fish. El Anclote has actually numerous solutions as it has actually a big regional populace.

San Francisco/San Pancho

A drowsy little bit of community 31 kilometers (49 kilometres) north of Puerto Vallarta understood for its own “gnarly waves, guy.” Supposed through some surfers to become the very best in the location because of its own huge available sea coastline as well as southwest towards northwest swells. Surfers coming from worldwide congregate certainly there certainly towards expertise the titan waves that have actually created this coastline therefore prominent. San Francisco/San Pancho is actually likewise understood for its own untamed all-organic charm as well as is actually a preferred amongst naturalists.


22 kilometers north of the flight terminal, the picturesque Sayulita coastline lies in a nook where the forest satisfies the ocean. Ideal for browsing or even sunning as well as whatever between. Beachfront coffee shops as well as great eating together with various other solutions offered. Along the factor of the nook certainly there certainly are actually covert beaches that could be discovered through strolling with a graveyard. These beaches are actually effectively well really truly worth the initiative. Great deals of personal little bit of areas in between shake developments including aquatic lifestyle. The quick trends carry a wealth of seashells as well as various other ocean prizes towards these small beaches.


Situated 19 kilometers coming from the flight terminal at Kilometres 8 on Freeway 200 as well as prominent along with the residents for its own broad sandy beaches as well as along with surfers for its own two- towards five-foot swells. The coastline is actually located in between the high cliffs of Punta del Burro as well as has actually a number of all-organic swimming pools of clean sprinkle. Certainly there certainly are actually a couple of beachfront palapa dining establishments along with fantastic sights of the Bahia de Banderas as well as Puerto Vallarta in the range.


The label implies “Location of the Scuba divers.” Its own 5-mile extend of white colored sand beaches is actually the lengthiest along the Gulf of Banderas. This gorgeous coastline happens vital on Sundays when residents carry their households for a time at the coast. Its own lengthy superficial coastline is actually ideal for body system browsing, boogie boarding, covering gathering and browsing. Situated 12 kilometers north of the flight terminal, Bucerias is actually prominent along with Canadian as well as North United states site guests. This antique Mexican community has actually lots of regional shade along with its own numerous stores as well as community area market. Actually lots of outdoors dining establishments collection the coastline on among the 4 primary roads that operate alongside the sprinkle for kilometers.

Nuevo Vallarta

The cleanse white colored sand beaches right below appear unlimited. The beaches of Nuevo Vallarta start 4 kilometers north of the flight terminal. Tasks are plentiful right below. Site guests as well as residents browse, body system browse, wind browse, plane snowboarding, sprinkle snowboarding, parasail, trip a huge yellowish banana bike. The resorts as well as huge hotels of the location deal numerous facilities consisting of beachside bars and coffee shops.

Southern Beaches

Garza Blanca

A little urban area coastline situated off the Barra Navidad roadway at Kilometres 6 en route towards Mismaloya, this white colored sand coastline is actually framed along with hands as well as crystal unobstructed sprinkle that laps the coastline. It is actually prominent along with the residents on weekend breaks that load an outing, as certainly there certainly are actually no facilities.


“Double” coastline is actually 2 little crescent-shaped beaches at the foot of the Sierra Madre Hills. Right below the browse is actually mild as well as great for going swimming. Sprinkle sporting activities as well as a dining establishment are actually offered at the coastline resort. A number of brand-brand new condo jobs likewise delight in the beachfront. Situated southern of community at Barra Navidad roadway, Kilometres 8.


Most likely one of the absolute most popular coastline because of the filming of “Evening of the Iguana” right below in l963, this 500-meter-long coastline rests at the extremely side of the forest where the Mismaloya creek satisfies the ocean. A number of types of wild animals have actually been actually found in capitals over the coastline, consisting of various kinds of birds as well as property pets like deer, pumas, jaguars, quails, armadillos and apes. The superficial browse creates it a great location towards dive, therefore it is actually prominent along with households. Certainly there certainly are actually plane snowboarding, parasail, as well as watercraft leasings offered as are actually sprinkle taxis towards distant beaches. The initial film collection is actually currently a dining establishment at the much point of the coastline as well as a number of palapa-style restaurants collection the coastline providing a range of thrills for consuming and consuming. Mismaloya coastline lies 7 kilometers southern of community on Freeway 200. The entryway is actually at the end of capital in between The La Jolla de Mismaloya the connect and Hotel.

Boca de Tomatlan

A little beachfront town nook that rests at the side of the forest, 3 kilometers southern of Mismaloya, where the mouth or even boca of the Tomatlan stream satisfies the gulf, thus its own label. This peaceful angling town is actually the resource of the majority of the fish offered in the location. Fleets of little angling pangas leave behind each early morning coming from its own coasts. Sprinkle taxis likewise leave behind right below for the chain of little distant beaches available just through watercraft. A family-owned open-air dining establishment offers beach-goers at this trick little bit of coastline.

Las Animas

A peaceful, small coastline unattainable other than through watercraft where sunbathers can easily unwind in vibrant coastline seats as well as select from a number of rustic dining establishments for Mexican get on. Snorkeling is actually prominent in the mild browse of this particular comfortable coastline. Report has actually it that Las Animas, The Souls, was actually called for a pirate that was actually eliminated going back to his deliver after he possessed hidden his prize someplace along the coastline. It was actually never ever discovered as well as tale has actually it his ghost safeguards the shed loot.


Among 3 distant beaches southern of Puerto Vallarta that’s available just through watercraft. Pangas or even sprinkle taxis leave behind the landmass a number of opportunities a time for this isolated coast. Quimixto is actually understood for its own rather waters framed through stones ideal for diving snorkeling and diving. There’s likewise a rejuvenating falls towards cool down in after a leisurely time of sunlight worshipping. Eating is actually offered at beachside palapas.


Situated on a distant, remote nook southern of PV, Majahuitas coastline comes just through watercraft (i.e. sprinkle taxi). This picturesque area has actually 18 acres of heaven towards find in a personal hotel establishing that provides a “rustic beauty” along with complete facilities, accommodations and tasks.


The biggest of the distant beaches available just through watercraft that populate the southerly expense of Banderas Gulf. Trip watercrafts in addition to little skiffs or even pangas leave behind for Yelapa everyday along with mid-day returns. This small town is actually a real leave coming from world. Without any electrical power or even telephones, one can easily truly escape everything. In the evening, generators source the energy for the little resort as well as dining establishment situateded right in to the forest edge. Throughout the day, certainly there certainly are actually a number of beachside restaurants towards select from while taking part in a preferred coastline task. A 35-meter (114.8 foot) falls that cascades down with the thick forest is actually a fantastic treking as well as horseback location, finish along with hill coffee shop that overlooks the drops swimming pool. Numerous musicians have actually used up home within this particular separated town, contributing to the regional shade. Inning accordance with these regional locals, Yelapa implies “the event location.” Which it is actually, participants of the neighborhood as well as site guests coming from Puerto Vallarta collect monthly for moon events that have actually end up being famous.